Review of Love It When You Call Single by The Feeling

The Feeling
Love It When You Call
Single Review

The Feeling Love It When You Call Single

Since their first release in Spring 2006, Sussex quintet The Feeling have gone from strength to strength with their soft-rock styling. A true rival for Keane as the softest band on the British music scene, their imminent tour was so in demand that another string of dates have already been lined up beginning in February.

The electronic intro and power chords that open "Love It When You Call" will surprise those expecting the band to carry on in similar vein to previous releases such as "Sewn". Upbeat and pop flavoured, this would have been a much better summer single, but preferably it wouldn't have been committed to record. The simple chorus is nausea inducing and the guitar outro so appalling that The Darkness would reject it - and at least they carry their songs with a sense of humour.

Alex Lai

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