Review of Fill My Little World Single by The Feeling

The Feeling
Fill My Little World
Single Review

The Feeling Fill My Little World Single

While Keane have been having somewhat of a break, The Feeling have been, well how shall I say been filling in and have jumped in with there new Keane like tracks.

Fill My Little World is the new single to come from The Feeling. They class themselves as Indie/Classic Rock/Pop, which is a wide range to cover. Indie pop these guys are what I would class them as. They make there own music, but no matter how hard they try it just seems to be a pop sound that comes out. Basically, The Feeling sound like Keane but their Lead Singers got an accent, the guitars have been turned up & they have a definite pop sensibility about their writing. The Feeling are sure to be one of those bands loved by the teenyboppers out there.

Mark Moore

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