Review of Twelve Stops And Home Album by The Feeling

The Feeling
Twelve Stops And Home
Album Sampler

The Feeling Twelve Stops And Home Album

Show some love!!! The Feeling are here with a heart-warming compilation of superb tracks. Get ready for some serious easy listening and the gentle sounds of five boys from London and Sussex.

Describing themselves as 'soft rock archaeologists', they have been compared as sounding similar to Supertramp and ELO, with comparable hasty but mild rhythms. Influences came from sources as wide as Queen, Abba and The Beach Boys, which delivers ambient, lovable music, truly represented in this album sampler 'Twelve stops and home'. The 12-track album will be available in March.

The Sampler features tracks such as 'Sewn', 'Fill My Little World' and 'Strange', all available to listen to on their official website. My favourite of the sampler is 'Never be lonely' it has a gentle melody dropping at the chorus to give the bass opportunity to boast. Each track is individual but collectively are all skilfully written and incredibly enjoyable to listen to.

The Feeling began as a covers band performing songs by The Kinks, Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones but are now presenting their own material, currently touring the UK until late February.

Jude Kitchin

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