Rapper The Game's sister SHERANI TAYLOR has spoken of her drive-by shooting nightmare for the first time as she recovers from the 2008 incident.
The hip-hop star, aka B-Fly, was recording at home in Compton, Los Angeles when she stepped outside for a break and was shot in the hip.
Luckily she was left with only a flesh wound - and she's convinced the bullet wasn't meant for her.
Now, walking with a limp, Taylor tells U.S. magazine Sister 2 Sister, "I'll never believe what happened in that two minutes. My life changed.
"I heard a bullet fly. I didn't think it was aimed toward my area... The next thing you know, they just started firing... I started to run. I fell... I thought I tripped over.
"My friend, he ended up grabbing my arm, helping me get up. I got up on my feet... and I just felt something drip down my back. I turned around and I just went into shock. I passed out.
"The doctor told me that it was a flesh wound; I had gotten grazed... The bullet looked like it just landed in my skin and sat there for five minutes and then fell out."