The Hate It Or Love It hitmaker, who was feted with a Humanitarian of the Year honour last year (14), announced in 2013 he was launching The Robin Hood Project, a charity initiative where he uses to document random acts of generosity and kindness.

The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, used the photosharing site to explain how a stranger, who had just left prison, asked him for $5 so he could get back to his family and vowed to repay the rapper, but the star doled out the huge sum as it feels better giving more.

He writes, "The giving hand is the best hand... Chillin in my hotel in Nashville & a (sic) older guy walks up & notices me & says... He was just stopping in the hotel to use the restroom & saw me so he came over & asked if by chance I had a few dollars to get him on the bus so he could make it home to his family because he just got out of jail & didn't have a dime in his possession when he got arrested a year ago... Said he was a stand up guy that caught a bad rap & if I could help him with 5 dollars he would mail it back to me tomorrow if I have (gave) him an address..

"I looked in his eye & he looked very sincere & genuine so... I had to hit him with a $1,000... It just felt better than giving him $5... Hope that helps you out just a little OG (Original Gangster)... See, the thing about me is... I don't have to know you, we're all here sharing the world together & if I can take a little of what I was blessed with to help someone else & put a smile on their face... I'm gone do it everytime."

Last week (ends17May15) the star visited a MCDonald's restaurant in Ferguson, Missouri to hand out 100 free meals.