Review of Grip Like A Vice Single by The Go Team

The Go! Team
Grip Like A Vice
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The Go Team Grip Like A Vice Single

The Go! Team, what can be said about these? Hmm well this lot are just mental they steal pieces of music in the shape of samples, mix them together to make their own masterpiece.

The Go! Team are set to release their new single Grip Like Vice. If you are able to get passed the first thirty seconds then you can relax and enjoy some cheesy rap style music. The Go! Team trigger memories of De La Soul with their happy go style, and show that you can rap without swearing and cursing, and at the same time without going on about swearing and cursing hey Mr Will Smith?

As long as you don't take The Go! Team too serious then this is a great tune for the week of summer that we might get to chill out to. It just seems ironic that this is another artist that comes from Brighton and splashes samples all over their music.
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