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The Great Escape 2016 Preview

Here are the nine (yes, nine, not ten) artists you don't "have to see" at The Great Escape, because that's just rude and presumptuous, but should certainly scribble down on a bit of paper with...

The Great Escape 2016 Line-up Is Almost Complete

It's the Brighton weekend where every new and exciting artist, from across the world, gravitate to the south coast for an undisputed highlight of the festival calendar. The festival recently announced the final additions to...

Coachella Leads The Pre-summer Music Festivals

It's always assumed that Summer is the season for music festivals, despite the fact that many continue well into the Fall and, indeed, begin very early in the Spring; SXSW, for example, has already been...

Brighton's Great Escape Festival Completes Massive 10th Anniversary Line-up

The Great Escape Festival is set to return to Brighton for its 10th anniversary, bringing with it yet another year of remarkable up and coming bands. The final 150 acts have now been announced, and...

The Great Escape Festival 2014: Which Bands Shone Brightest?

Brighton's Great Escape Festival took place over the weekend and, as the UK's largest street festival, gave music fans a very enjoyable weekend as it does every year. Over 400 acts played, giving the punters...

Whosampled's First Ever 'Samplethon' Set For Great Escape Festival 2014, a website that explores the DNA of music by discovering direct connections among thousands of songs across multiple genres, will host the first ever 'Samplethon' at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton on Saturday...

Miller Picks Steve Mcqueen Wardrobe For Prison Break

PRISON BREAK hunk WENTWORTH MILLER will be paying tribute to his acting hero STEVE MCQUEEN in the new season of the hit TV drama by copying the acting legend's distinctive wardrobe. The British-born actor's character...

Attenborough: 'Working With Mcqueen Was Tough'

British movie mogul RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH cites working with STEVE McQUEEN in movie classic THE GREAT ESCAPE as one of the toughest challenges he has ever faced - because the late movie great was so demanding....

Charles Bronson Dies

Legendary actor CHARLES BRONSON has died at the age of 81 after losing his battle with pneumonia. The Hollywood veteran - star of films such as THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and the DEATH WISH series...

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