Hop Farm Festival was due to take place in rural(ish) Kent this July as has been the routine for the festival throughout it's five year lifespan, however the fest was forced to cancel for the first time this year after poor ticket sales and forecast of sales would have resulted in a massive loss for the festival's funders.

Hop Farm big cheese Vince Power posted a statement to the festival's website yesterday, outlining the reasons behind  the festivals cancelation and apologising for disappointed fans who will miss out on the event. Power's statement read that despite the best efforts of everyone involved, organising the festival "proved too much a of mountain to climb" reasoning that the circumstances "based on poor ticket sales and the forecast selling rate [would mean] substantial losses would be made."

Hop Farm
Hop Farm Festival suffered financial difficulties last year too, but still went ahead.

The festival had a very promising line-up too, including a headlining performance from newly reformed My Bloody Valentine as well as Rodriguez, The Horrors, Dinosaur Jr and The Cribs. The would-be attendees of the festival, that would have run from July 5 - 6, are to receive a full refund to go with the genuine apology from Power.

The cancelation of Hop Farm Festival indicates an unfortunate turn for the once thriving festival business, as a austere economy and an over-crowded market place are equally to blame for the failings of this years Hop Farm Festival. Although it wasn't mentioned by Power in his statement, the festival will probably return next year providing a repeat of this scenario doesn't happen again.

My Bloody Valentine
Kevin Shield's My Bloody Valentine were due to headline the festival's first night.