Review of Count In Fives Single by The Horrors

The Horrors
Count In Fives
Single Review

The Horrors Count In Fives Single

So they have managed to bag the NME tour and aim to follow the likes of Bloc Party, The Futureheads, Arctic Monkeys and Maximo Park. Can they emulate the same kind of success that these guys have had?

The Horrors have already burst onto the scene touring in every back street bar, toilet or anywhere with space to play, in order to share their music. So anyway, 'Count In Fives' is the new Single to come from The Horrors & it's pretty obvious The Rocky Horror Show is alive and well in the eyes of The Horrors, they have the perfect lead singer in Faris Badwan. He displays a fantastic gritty vocal performance and holds the balance between singing and screaming. Count In Fives is the perfect track to help put The Horrors on the map.

Mark Moore

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