The Horrors think Beyoncé is more interesting than most rock bands.

The band - made up of Faris Badwan, Rhys Webb, Tom Cowan, Joshua Hayward and Joe Spurgeo - claim the 'Drunk in Love' hitmaker had more of an influence on their new album 'Luminous' than fellow artists.

Bassist Rhys Webb told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Beyoncé doesn't sound the most obvious influence on our music but her songs are like modern-day Motown classics and we identify more with that than we do with our contemporaries.''

Rhys also hit out at artists like Lily Allen, whose album 'Sheezus' is available on Google Play for just 99p, because he feels modern music is throwaway.

He said: ''Her record company have done that to give Lily a surefire number one - albums should be something that are there for a lifetime.''

The five-piece have a bumper schedule for festival season with spots at Isle of Wight,­

Reading and Leeds and Field Day this summer.

Rhys said: ''We've crept up the bills and we're ready to headline the ­bigger fest­ivals.''

Meanwhile, Adele's producer Paul Epworth has helped on their track 'Falling Star', the first time the act has had help for five years.

But Rhys explained: ''The next stage of our evolution may involve getting someone else in to produce a whole album for us.''