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The Hours
Love You More
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The Hours Love You More Single

They say cats get nine lives, which is a little unfair in my book as most of us poor, distraught human beings only get one. Unless your name happens to be Antony Genn of course. In a past life, he's been involved with too many names to mention, which would be a bad thing if he was one of those celebrity name-droppers riding on the coat tails of other more established artists.

Thankfully he's anything but, and if his current project The Hours are anything to go by, it seems he's managed to listen and learn with the greatest intent as he's seemingly taken a little bit from each - Jarvis Cocker's witticisms, Joe Strummer's no frills intensity, and the gloriously unstructured mess that was Elastica .

'Love You More' carries on where previous single 'Back When You Were Good' left off, in that it rides along on a mid-paced melody that is heightened by the declaration "I love you more than my record collection, I love you more than my football team."

Now hold on a minute. Some things are irreplaceable Mr Genn, and casting aside the aforementioned duo for the affections of some bint would be sacrilege in the Gourlay household.

His intentions are good, mind. As is this song.

Dom Gourlay

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