The hulk - Ang Lee & Josh Lucas - Video Interviews

16 July 2003

The Hulk
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Ang Lee & Josh Lucas Interview

Ang Lee (Director)

Acclaimed Oscar-winning filmmaker ANG LEE (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) turns his masterful eye to adapting the classic Marvel Comics character for the big screen.

Setting out to faithfully transfer the Hulk comic book character from four-color paneled page to motion picture screen, Lee combines all the elements of a blockbuster visual effects-intensive Super Hero movie with the brooding romance and tragedy of Universal’s classic horror films.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Ang Lee (Director) moved to the United States in 1978. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater from the University of Illinois, he went on to New York University to complete a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in film production.

At NYU, his short film Fine Line won Best Director and Best Film awards at the NYU Film Festival. Lee’s first feature film, Pushing Hands, was screened at the 1992 Berlin Film Festival and won Best Film at the Asian-Pacific Film Festival.

The film was nominated for nine Golden Horse Awards, the Taiwanese equivalent to the Oscar. It was also the first film in Lee’s “Father Knows Best” trilogy.

Film - The Hulk - Ang Lee & Josh Lucas Interview
Film - The Hulk - Ang Lee & Josh Lucas Interview
Film - The Hulk - Ang Lee & Josh Lucas Interview

Lee went on to direct a number of movies including 1995's Sense and Sensibility. The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, winning Best Screenplay Adaptation.

Ang’s most recent film is the critically acclaimed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2000 and won Best Picture at the
Toronto Film Festival.

Ang received a Golden Globe Award and a Directors Guild Award for Best Director. The film also received awards for Best Original Score by Tan Dun and Best Foreign Language Film. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won four Academy Awards, including Best Foreign Film.

Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas (Glenn Talbot) is a young actor with a career on the rise. He recently completed production on Wonderland, directed by James Cox and starring opposite Val Kilmer, Christina Applegate and Dylan McDermott, as well as on David Gordon Green’s Undertow, in which he stars opposite Dermot Mulroney.

Currently, Josh is filming Lasse Hallstrom’s Unfinished Life, with Robert Redford and Jennifer Lopez.

Most recently, Lucas starred in Andy Tennant’s Sweet Home Alabama, opposite Reese Witherspoon, as well as in Kathryn Bigelow’s The Weight of Water, opposite Sean Penn and Elizabeth Hurley.

In 2001, he appeared in Ron Howard’s Academy Award-winning drama, A Beautiful Mind, in which he co-starred with Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Ed Harris.

Additional film credits include: Brad Anderson’s thriller, Session 9; The Deep End, directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel; American Psycho, directed by Mary Harron and co-starring Christian Bale and Reese Witherspoon; the 2000 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize winner, You Can Count on Me, directed by Kenneth Lonergan and co-starring Laura Linney; Stacy Cochran’s Drop Back 10; Harvest, directed by Stuart Burkin; Restless, directed by Jule Gilfillan; and Alive, directed by Frank Marshall.

Lucas’ theater credits include Corpus Christi at the Manhattan Theatre Club and The Picture of Dorian Grey at the Los Angeles Theatre Center.

Release Date: 18 July 2003
Cert: 12
Running Time: 138
Distributor: UIP

The Hulk
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1.Ang Lee & Josh Lucas Interview
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