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The Hush Sound
Like Vines
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The Hush Sound Like Vines Album

Close your eyes and its mid-90s again. "Make a little birdhouse in your soul" by They Might be Giants is on the radio and all is good in happy rock land. The opener to this album, 'We Intertwined', could be TMBG, the similarity is uncanny

This is a warm and friendly offering from The Hush Sound, all pianos and close harmonies. In that respect, it's a pleasant break from the doom and gloom of many of today's introspective youths with guitars.

A poppy, jaunty affair, "Like Vines" draws on an absolute wealth of influences. A quirky blend of the Beatles, Ben Folds Five and Talking Heads, it's hard to pinpoint who actually would be driven to raptures by an album as eclectic as this, but I'm sure someone will.

Vocal duties are shared between female and male vocals, but it is on female sung moments that this album starts to feel alive. 'Wine Red' is a sophisticated, funky affair that pushed the vocal talents to the fore, and on 'You are the Moon' she even begins to bring to mind the great Tori Amos.

An eclectic mix then, 'Like Vines'. Hopefully The Hush Sound can find their niche somewhere. Being championed by Fall Out Boy certainly won't hinder their progress

Richard Edge

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