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18th January 2012

Quote: "It's mad, isn't it, how much of all that is going on these days. I dunno what it says about our times - I guess money talks. But I'm just not interested in the past. I want to keep moving forward, learning new things." Paul Weller is still adamant he will not join the ranks of groups re-forming by reuniting with his former The Jam bandmates.

25th November 2010

Quote: "(I've) been clean for about four months. I just need to stop for a bit." Former The Jam frontman Paul Weller has quit boozing.

16th April 2010

Quote: "I don't understand this thing of people receiving music for nothing. That's like saying my life's work is worthless. Whether it's unromantic or not, this is how I pay the bills. Something needs to be sorted." Former The Jam rocker Paul Weller does not agree with fans downloading his music without paying.

6th April 2010

Quote: "I was shy. When I was spoken to by an adult, I'd go red and have trouble answering, so when I told my mum I was going to play my first gig she couldn't imagine me having the balls to get up onstage." Paul Weller overcame crippling shyness to front The Jam.

6th April 2010

Quote: "We were nervous to be working together again but as soon as we started playing, it was fine. We didn't talk about the past." Paul Weller on reteaming with former The Jam bandmate BRUCE FOXTON on his new album Wake Up The Nation.

11th July 2008

Fact: Paul Weller has brought the once-feuding members of Blur and Oasis together in the studio. The former The Jam rocker asked Oasis' Noel Gallagher and former Blur star Graham Coxon to join him as he recorded his new album 22 DREAMS.

22nd June 2008

Quote: "It's angry people shouting. I like a song, melodies, people singing... (and) when hip-hop acts start sampling Sting or Phil Collins, then I just don't get it at all." Former The Jam star Paul Weller is not a fan of modern rap or hip-hop.

12th February 2008

Fact: Former The Jam star Paul Weller's forthcoming double album, 22 DREAMS, features a spoken-word track about spirituality, called GOD.

31st July 2007

Quote: "I do sometimes go a bit mad after a few sherbets. That's why we drink, surely? But yes, I am ashamed to say that I have broken things in hotels. I've even s**t myself a few times. Good old booze, eh?" Former The Jam frontman Paul Weller admits to stupid acts while under the influence.

7th July 2006

Fact: Rocker Paul Weller wants GOING UNDERGROUND, the hit he wrote for The Jam, played at his own funeral.

16th February 2006

Quote: <p>"I don't care if he has had a pop at us yet or not. To be honest, I'd never heard of Paul Weller until last week. So there." WESTLIFE singer NICKY BYRNE slams the former The Jam rocker at the Brit Awards last night (15FEB06). </p>

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