Ronnie Vannucci Jr. is ''deeply suspicious'' of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Killers drummer suggested there is a possibility that the global health crisis was started deliberately as a way to change the global order, but he admitted that it would be a ''very evil'' thing if his suspicions were right.

He said: ''This whole thing is very convenient, y'know? It feels oddly suspicious.''

Asked if he thinks the virus was started to sway the global order, he added: ''I don't know. You think about the timing of the whole thing, it's very weird. If it is a man-made, timing thing it's very evil, which makes me want to just curl up under a rock somewhere.''

The 'Somebody Told Me' musician admitted he ''loves'' conspiracy theories.

He said: ''I love it! I love a good conspiracy theory. This alien stuff, they released [UFO] footage that the US government is just putting out there, it's very interesting what's happening now.''

Meanwhile, his bandmate Brandon Flowers thinks the health crisis has led America into a ''pretty gloomy'' era and he hopes the upcoming presidential election will herald a change of leadership following President Donald Trump's disastrous way of handling the pandemic.

He added to the ''You're sitting there watching what was happening in Italy and Spain a few months ago and your heart went out to them, and before you knew it we were the ones that people's hearts were going out to.

''You can't even turn to your leaders. It's a pretty gloomy time for America and we're hoping that we can at least get a new face and a change of pace come November.''