The Kills Live @ 100 Club

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The Kills/Futureheads - 100 Club - 11/03/03 Reviewed

The Kills/Futureheads

100 Club

This most hallowed of venues where the Pistols gave birth to the screaming chimera that was punk has seen many great bands take their first faltering steps. Watching The Futureheads, the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, as they must have done for those who walked through the door way back in 1976. The way in which these boys from the musical black spot that is the North East weld the Specials to stop start Fugazi dynamics while dancing like Ian Curtis is very very exciting. 'I was there when...'

The Kills/Futureheads - 100 Club - 11/03/03 Reviewed  @

This is the now though, few bands are more now than The Kills, and when they come on the place goes mad. They already attract a hoard of devotees without having yet released an album. There are VV look-a-likes everywhere. Happily, the garage duo doesn't disappoint, delivering a righteous display of narco-garage classics like 'Cat Claw' from the 'Black Rooster' EP as they hit their stride early.

What quickly becomes crystal is that VV is the star. With her raven black hair shrouding her pretty, face she treats us to a performance of oestrogen fuelled rage and passion. The sexual tension/chemistry between her and Hotel is palpable; if they aren't doing the nasty (as they claim) then they sure do have some issues to resolve. For most of the songs they are face-to-face and on some like album track 'Hitched', they are inches apart, a duel.

Sheer brilliance then and during the chorus of 'Fuck the people' ('hey fuck the people') it feels as if the world is ours.

Alistair Hann