Review of Silent Shout Album by The Knife

The Knife
Silent Shout
Album Review

The Knife Silent Shout Album

If all you have heard from this Swedish brother, sister combo is Jose Gonzalez rendition of Heartbeats then you will be in for a large shock. This music sounds like the mad mixing of electro 80's cheese with the supremeo classy sassy dance of the late 80's. Pure music which does cross boundaries unlike most music which is thrown this title like a stick to a dog. All songs are interesting and take you into a zone especially the grand stature of 'Like A Pen'. Listening to the new single you will be pleased, but to get a real sense of the Swedes uplifting yet euphoricly weirdly depressing you have to listen to the thing as a whole. Mad bad and down into the strange worth the checking

Alex Parker

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