Review of Konk Album by The Kooks

Read a review for The Kooks album Konk released through Virgin.

The Kooks Konk Album

The Kooks debut album, "Inside In/ Inside Out" was a definable debut in Indie of the new was bold, energetic, melodic and utterly thrilling. Now, it comes to the same band and their poke at the all important and difficult second album. And from the off, I must admit, it is evident that the Kooks are stating their case as one of the bands of the decade.

Tracks like "Always Where I Need To Be", "Mr. Maker", "Do You Wanna" and "Stormy Weather" stand out as the real wonderful tracks of the album. This is music with passion, accuracy, a touch of class and sheer music supremacy. The Kooks have matured greatly in album Number Two, but, significantly, they have still managed to maintain their lackadaisical, for-the-fun-of-it approach to music writing and I find that truly inspiring.

This album could be the sound track to the summer and certainly is bound to be amongst most popular albums of the year .Ace.

Daniel Black


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