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Let the good times roll is what I say, and just to help is this little advance from the Kooks. Fast, Fun and Full of life, the three triple F's that you need on a hot summers day to make you feel good. However the date is October and things are going downhill from now, 'call me a pessimist'. Things that we can all look forward to in the near future include short days, long nights, rain, wind, sleet and general depressing Englishness. You will either love this and use it as a tool against those extremely large winter English gremlins or use it as a tool to express your hate for the English public in general. But what you can't deny is that these guys can write a good solid tune. It's all in the same vein as The Artic Monkeys, Athlete and all the other very British sounding bands that seem to be very popular at the moment. This is a good thing I suppose, as all the other British bands are either complete drug addicts, pop punk boy bands, or mad indie fly-about wanabes. This is the stuff that sets examples and fly's a good, positive flag for new up and coming English bands which cant be a bad thing. Great stuff if you like the new British pop-indie wave movement, upbeat and uplifting, solid debut, lovely stuff, happy stuff.

Alex Parker

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