Review of Always where I need to be Single by The Kooks

The Kooks
Always where I need to be
Single Review

The Kooks Always where I need to be Single

"Always Where I Need To Be" is a real grower track. The first time you hear it, you might not be really convinced. You might deem it as a poor release from a band that had the potential to be great. But, within time, you'd find out that your first opinions would be very wrong indeed. In reality, this is a thumping good come-back track from a band that, within long, will have all Indie-fans everywhere eating out of the palm of their hand. The Kooks have the Indie-world at their feet; at their ultimate disposal, and what do they do? They taunt them and tease them, with some of the most technically brilliant music you'll ever come across.

With an upbeat tempo, intense acoustic guitars, a catchy chorus, this track proves to be a typical Kooks song; Full of energy and utterly magical musically. If this track is anything to go by, their all-important second album, "Konk", will prove to be delightful, effervescent and electric.

Danny Black

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