The Libertines look set to reunite for a gig at Hyde Park, following a post on the band's official Facebook page. Singer Pete Doherty also gave a recent interview in which he said he planned to reunite the band as a way of coping with "financial problems."

The LibertinesThe Libertines Performing at Leeds Festival in 2010

On Sunday morning, a spokesperson for the Libertines published a map of Hyde Park to their Facebook group, following media reports that the band were planning a high profile show in the capital. In a Hebrew-language interview last week, Doherty told YNet, "I don't know if I should tell you this, but the Libertines were offered a concert in Hyde Park this July.They called me just yesterday ... I said yes."

"I think that if you asked me the same question, most days, I'd say no," Doherty continued, "But just recently I tried to contact Carl [Barât] and I couldn't reach him, and I sat down and listened to some Libertines songs on YouTube, and suddenly had a burst of nostalgia. So I said, 'Why the hell not!' And then they told me what they would pay us and, well, I can't lie to you: I couldn't say no, at least not in my situation right now."

Doherty is thought to be suffering financial troubles, and has been for years. 

The reunion show will be a little more difficult for fellow Libertine Carl Barat, who recently finalised the line-up of his new band The Jackals. The band have been working in the studio on a debut album and will play London's Xoyo on May 15.

The Libertines last performed together at the 2010 Reading Festival. Barat is yet to comment on reports of a comeback. 

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