The Libertines were reunited last night in front of a packed crowd in London’s Hyde Park, delivering a hit filled set in front of thousands of eager fans.

The LibertinesTime for heroes? The Libertines are back

Arriving on stage after a retrospective video, the band launched into ‘Vertigo’ from their debut album Up the Bracket. As hungry fans lapped up the reunited foursome, the band were forced to stop mid way through their second song, ‘Boys in the Band’ due to crushing at the front of the barrier. The crowd eventually stepped back to allow some audience members to be pulled out by security, but the show was eventually stopped again during ‘Time for Heroes’.

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But once the crowd became under control, heeding the advice of the band who asked them to ‘take care of each other’, things continued without a hitch. Playing an anthem filled set, for the thousands of fans in attendance it seemed as if Pete Doherty, Carl Barat, John Hassall and Gary Powell had never really been away.

The band switched between tracks from their 2002 debut ‘Up the Bracket’ and their 2004 self titled album. Favourites such as ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’, ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ and ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ were all accounted for during their 24 song strong set.

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Proceedings were only halted once more, towards the end, when a few thrill seekers decided to climb the delay tower, causing Carl Barat to plead with them to climb down. Doherty then delivered a version of Babyshambles’ ‘Albion’, before finishing the set with ‘I Get Along.

The LibertinesPeter and Carl are together again

As the night ended, Doherty paid tribute to those who “gave their lives for Liberty”, saying, “We thought it was nerve-wracking coming out here tonight but leaving Kings Cross station with a rifle across your back in 1914 must have been really hard.”

The newly reunited band also announced they’d be playing two dates in September at London’s Alexandra Palace, on the 27th and 28th.