The Don't Look Back Into The Sun hitmakers, fronted by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat, took to the stage for a 'surprise' appearance at the music event after the line-up was reshuffled - and they were drafted in to replace Florence + the MAChine, who were bumped up to headliners following the Foo Fighters' cancellation.

Organisers went to great lengths to keep The Libertines' set a secret, but an online snap of a mixing desk covered in tape with the name of the artists on the bill, and the word 'Albion' - the concept of a mythical England which is a recurrent theme in Doherty's music and poetry - in the 'surprise' slot gave fans a major hint.

Hence, when The Libertines hit the stage for their sunset set, most fans at the festival were waiting for them.

A source tells Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper, "He (the roadie) didn't put down 'The Libertines', but wrote 'Albion', a word that appears in many of their songs. Any fan would immediately think of them."