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The Maccabees Colour It In Album

The Maccabees release their debut album entitled Colour It In. Flying the flag for the Brighton massive The Maccabees will be trying to change the typical Kooks/Brighton association, with this daring of a debut. In short, there's no colouring in required with this album, The Maccabees have covered the lot, It's like The Editors with attitude, every song has an instant hook with each opening chord. Quite a statement, but even the opening track 'Good Old Bill' that kicks off with an acoustic guitar still manages to hold this consistency, the track lures you into a false sense of security because the album holds anything but an acoustic feel to it. X-ray has more twists and turns than you'd see from Schumacher in a gran prix & displays some phenomenal sounds and harmonies.

Better still to come is well how do you say.
Swim swim swim
Just stay in your lane
Swim swim swim
Just stay in your lane
.That's the one Latchmere, a song that proves if you can nail the melodies then what does it matter what you sing about? Latchmere is about a bloody wave machine for crying out loud. (Stop rubbing your eyes, you are reading correctly). This is the beauty that makes this band into what it is, and have some sort of hold over you with their music. About That Dress, showcases Orlando's unbelievable vocal performance mixed with a fantastic guitar melody, they're able perform and carry off a love song in their own style. About That Dress is a perfect love song, not like the usual radio one daytime fodder.

One of the main factors of how I judge an album is by how many songs I believe could be released as a Single, with this in mind, that would total at least eight or nine songs. Just look at First Love, such twists that it's breath taking. Lego, does exactly what it says on the tin, but once the first chords are played it doesn't matter. Not to sell the lyrics short, the total opposite if anything. In short the Maccabees are five blokes from Brighton who know how to turn witty anecdotes into masterpieces.

The Maccabees are a new era and no doubt someone out there will label them like back in the day with Blur, Oasis and Pulp! Yep "Britpop", although this is something totally different a new kind of music in it's own right. The Maccabees have produced one of the most exciting albums of 2007. Just remember, 'Latchmere's got a wave machine'

Mark Moore

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