The Maccabees find it ''hard'' making an album.

The 'Unknow' hitmakers are nearly ready to drop their latest album 'Marks To Prove It' and singer Orlando Weeks has revealed the process reminded them just how difficult it was to make an LP.

He shared: ''The main thing we learned was how difficult making an album is. You would think we'd remember because making the last album was difficult. But I think we forgot because we had such a good time after it was released.

''But it all came back, how hard it is making a record how you want it to sound.''

And for the indie rock band, their struggle to produce the record was due to their wish of making it a ''perfect middle ground'' between all the band members.

He added: ''We put this pressure on ourselves and making the record took a while because we were trying to find this perfect middle ground between us and no one exactly knew what that was.''

And bandmate Felix White has admitted winning an Ivor Novello award and being nominated for a Mercury Prize gong gave them a new audience to please.

He explained to The Sun newspaper: ''That record opened us up to a new audience. We'd always had crowds that were the same age as us, until that point then they started getting younger.

''It was like the audiences warped - you had people younger than us at the front, people older than us at the back. You don't see how you change as a band, as it's not tangible, but the personnel shifting at gigs was the most noticeable thing.''