Review of Hlllyh Album by The Mae Shi

The Mae Shi
Hlllyh Album

The Mae Shi Hlllyh Album

This is great. No it's weird. Actually I can't decide. I'm sure that I need to prise open my mind with some sort of cerebral pliers for The Mae Shi to have a deeper sonic significance in my life.

At present it just sounds like pretty insignificant, noisy experimental electro punk. Apart from the bits that are really electro. They're good.

This is surely music for people who are too cool for any school or indeed any educational establishment. The sort of people who always 'were into' that new band you've just discovered but have 'gone off them' now. You can even buy t shirts with venn diagrams to illustrate this sort of relationship now (although to be honest I stopped wearing one of them last year)
Pass me the pliers.

Richard Edge

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