'Muppets:Most Wanted'. the latest Muppets big screen adventure is heading to cinemas on March 21st, and is promising to be just as fantastically funny as the its 2011 predecessor. Most recently we've seen some excellent teaser spots which have poked fun at the awards season as well as twitter culture and given little away about the movie itself. With a plot that promises to ensure maximum laughs, a great cast of comedy co-stars and some wonderful and unexpected celebrity cameos, 'Muppets: Most Wanted' looks like everything we could have hoped for from our favourite cast of puppets.

Ricky Gervais stars in 'Muppets: most WantedRicky Gervais stars alongside The Muppets in 'Muppets: Most Wanted'

The Plot:
The Muppets are coming to Europe! Yes ‘Muppets: Most Wanted’ sees the cast travel overseas with unfortunate consequences for our favourite amphibian hero, Kermit. Whist the troupe go on a sucessful European tour, poor Kermit is mistaken for uber villan Constantine, with whom he bears a striking resembalance. Mayhen ensues as The Muppets find thenselves caught up in an international crime caper which sees them travel through London, Berlin and Moscow.

The cast:
Starring alongside Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy and the rest of the Muppets cast we have Ricky Gervais as the evil villain Dominic. Gervais previously had cameo in the 2011 movie but his scenes were cut from the theatrical release. Alongside Gervais is ‘Modern Family’ star Ty Burrell who plays Jean Pierre Napoleon, A French Interpol inspector, (cue ridiculous accent). Rounding off the human cast is ’30 Rock’s’ Tina Fey as Nadya, a Russian GULAG officer.

The crew:
'The Muppets' director James Bobin will be once again taking the reigns alongside writer Nicholas Stoller. 'Flight of the Concords' Bret McKenzie is also returning to pen original songs for the movie. McKenzie wrote ‘Man or Muppet’ for the 2011 movie, earning him an Academy Award for ‘Best Original song’.

Kermit the frog in Muppets most wantedKermit gets in a case of mistaken identity in 'Muppets: Most Wanted'

The cameos:
The 2011 movie was packed full of celeb cameos and 'Muppets: Most Wanted' is promising an even better lineup of stars to watch out for. Diddy and Lady Gaga are among the stars from the world of music getting the Muppets treatment. Tom Hiddleston, is making an appearance, the actor is playing a character allegedly called ‘The Great Escapo’, in the trailer he can be seen wrapped in chains. Also watch out for are Josh Groban, Salma Hayek, Ray Liotta and Zach Galifianakis.

‘Party Central’
Pixar fans can look forward to ‘Party Central’ the studio’s new animated short which will be shown before ‘Muppets: Most Wanted', in cinemas. The six-minute short, a spin off of 'Monster’s University', sees Mike and Sulley and their Oozma Kappa frat brothers try to throw a monster where sadly no one is showing up, they are then forced to open some interdimensional doors to liven things up. The short was initally planned as an extra feature to the 'Monster's University' home release but has instead been given to go before the 'Muppets: Most Wanted'.

'Muppets: Most Wanted' is set for a theatrical release on March 21st.

Watch the trailer for 'Muppets: Most Wanted':