Miss Piggy has received a feminist award from Gloria Steinem. The beloved Muppets character was awarded the Sackler Center First Award from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. The award ceremony took place on Thursday (4th June).

Miss PiggyMiss Piggy is well known for her charitable works such as for Red Nose Day UK in 2013.

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The award was presented by feminist icon and author Gloria Steinem and Elizabeth Sackler, an activist and author. Miss Piggy, in receiving the award, joins the likes of novelist Toni Morrison and Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor. 

In the exclusive ceremony, Piggy was presented with the award and also gave an interview to Steinem and Sackler. She discussed her previously doubted feminist credentials (Piggy once revealed she did not consider herself a feminist) and her politics, as MSN reports. 

In case there were a few people doubting Miss Piggy’s feminist credentials, the film and television star penned an editorial for Time in which she listed her pretty fabulous qualities. 

“As a young woman born on a farm, I was told that my life would be nothing but mud, sweat and tears … and the occasional trip to the 4-H fair,” Piggy wrote. “Now that may have been enough for some, but not for moi. I refused to accept someone else’s definition of my life and my future. I knew there was something bigger and better out there - and that I could achieve it if I never, ever gave up. Thanks to grit, fortitude, perseverance, the inspiration of other great feminists and the aforementioned karate, I did in fact achieve those dreams.”

Piggy kept fans up to date with pictures from the ceremony, including one in which she poses with Steinem. She also shared a picture of the award and described herself as “so honored”. Piggy’s partner Kermit was also overwhelmed with the honour and he flew into New York especially to see his long-term partner receive the award. He tweeted a picture of Piggy and Steinem.

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