US Christian group, One Million Moms has called on ABC to pull ‘The Muppets’ off air, claiming that the show is no longer suitable for children. The group says that ‘the family-friendly Muppets of the 1970s are no more’, thanks to the new ABC series and accuses the show of promoting ‘promiscuity.’

Kermit and miss PiggyAre Kermit and Miss Piggy now too adult for younger viewers?

In a letter on their website One Million Moms writes, ‘1MM suspects there are going to be a lot of shocked moms and dads when they discover that the family-friendly Muppets of the 1970s are no more. It appears that no subject is off limits. ABC's new Muppet Show, airing on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT, is not what Jim Henson imagined and created.’

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‘The new show is aimed at a mature, modern audience and addresses subjects not suitable for family viewing…Miss Piggy came out as a pro-choice feminist during an MSNBC interview. The puppet characters loved by kids in the 1970s and 1980s and beyond are now weighing in on interspecies relationships and promiscuity.’

The letter goes on to state that ‘ABC hopes children watch the show and predict they would enjoy some of the humour,’ and asks ‘how many parents want to explain the punchline of sexually charged jokes to young children?’

‘Many parents unknowingly will let their children watch an episode only to find out its perverted nature too late, unless they are alerted ahead of time,’ the group adds. Speaking to ITV, network ABC said it would take any formal complaint seriously.

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The new ‘Muppets’ show is a fly on the wall style look at the behind-the-scenes lives of Jim Henson’s famous characters. It features Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, who are now no longer a couple dealing with their break-up and dating other people. The show has so far received mixed reviews from critics, with some welcoming the new ‘adult’ themes and others wanting the more traditional Muppets back.