The U.S. stand-up was diagnosed with cancer in both breasts in 2012 and underwent a double mastectomy with no reconstructive surgery.

Keen to address her cancer battle onstage, Notaro admits she wrestled with the idea of stripping off for weeks before wowing a crowd at Los Angeles venue Largo with a topless set and then taking the show to the New York Comedy Festival in November (14), when she appeared topless during a show at Town Hall.

The New York Times critic raved about the performance, writing, "She showed the audience her scars and then, through the force of her showmanship, made you forget that they were there. It was a powerful, even inspiring, statement about survival and recovery."

Notaro has since performed topless as part of an HBO comedy special and admits she's had nothing but positive feedback.

She says, "I thought everyone should see this... It was a long process of getting comfortable with myself as a person and with my body...

"I've had a really amazing response from not just women or cancer survivors, but just men that are just like, 'This is the greatest thing!'

"Cancer's a big deal but at this point my body has healed and I'm healthy now and it's something to not have taboo around, I think."