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Mcfly: Marriage Has Made Us Old

Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher have turned into ''old men'' since getting married.The McFly stars have become ''anti rock stars'' since tying the knot with their long-term sweethearts last year and have turned their back...

Olympic Parade Hits Right Notes

The Pet Shop Boys and Katherine Jenkins serenaded athletes at the Olympic Parade in London yesterday (01.09.12).The parade saw British athletes who had competed in the Olympic and Paralympic Games transported through London to outside...

Conor Maynard's Vegas Party Track

Conor Maynard's new single is a ''party track.''The song 'Vegas Girl' is about the US gambling city in Nevada - renowned for its relaxed attitude and wild parties - but he claims you don't actually...

Noisettes Like To Work Away From Home

Noisettes find it easier to write songs when they're away from home.The 'Winner' duo - made up of Shingai Shoniwa and Dan Smith - say it's better to be apart from their friends and family...

Breaking Dawn 'Wedding Song' Goes To Iron & Wine

'Breaking Dawn', the final instalment of the TWILIGHT movie franchise, will feature music from the likes of Bruno Mars, Christina Perri and The Noisettes, but the song played at the wedding of Edward and Bella...

Noisettes Nearly Split During 'Rough Patch'

British rockers NOISETTES came close to parting ways this year (10) after frontwoman SHINGAI SHONIWA went through "a rough patch" with guitarist DAN SMITH.The future of the band, who found mainstream fame with their 2009...

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