Noisettes find it easier to write songs when they're away from home.

The 'Winner' duo - made up of Shingai Shoniwa and Dan Smith - say it's better to be apart from their friends and family in London when recording and loved spending time In America recently as there's less distractions.

Dan said: ''You cut the life that you live off temporarily when you're in limbo somewhere else. You can kind of reflect more on it.''

Shingai added: ''I would say actually that this time round it was (easier) because you're really reminded of yourself when you're in a different place.''

The 'Never Forget You' hitmakers say they would like to spend more time in the States because they learnt so much while they were there.

Shingai exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I feel the next time we go to America we would like to stretch it out a bit more, go for longer and discover some other places. Nashville was incredible, it's like everyone is a musician, literally everyone and I think it's kind of cool. You have the tin can alley and the more established writers, then you just have people that sing in the street. You can learn a lot from that.''

The Noisettes' new single 'Winner' is out on August 13. Listen to Noisettes on Spotify for free.