The Nolans star Coleen Nolan was told of her sister Bernie's death by a psychic 18 months before the singer passed away.

The star was on vacation in California shortly before she found out her sibling was battling cancer for a second time, and Nolan has now revealed she visited a fortune-teller during the trip and was given some devastating news.

In her new autobiography, No Regrets, she writes, "The fortune-teller looked ancient and incredibly small - she must have been in her 80s at least... I had no idea what the (Tarot) cards meant but the results were obviously agitating her... Then she said: 'Someone really close to you isn't all right. Is it your sister?... I'm so sorry but it's come back and there's nothing the doctors can do... They (the cards) say the next 18 months are going to be awful. Your sister will be strong and courageous and fight it to the end. But she will not win'...

"I was asking myself how this woman could possibly know. I hadn't breathed a word to her about Bernie and she was telling me I was going to lose her... I was so distressed I stood up, knocking my chair over and ran off. The next morning I got the call."

Nolan was told about her sister's health battle the following day. Bernie died last July (13) at the age of 52.