The Offspring guitarist Dexter Holland blames his five-hour finishing time in the Los Angeles marathon earlier this month (19MAR06) on eating too much for breakfast. But the PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY) hitmaker, who ran on behalf of the Innocence Project charity, remains happy with his efforts and is eager to improve his time. He has offered to challenge chat show queen Oprah Winfrey, who finished the marathon in four hours 29 minutes and 30 seconds in 2004, to beat him at next year's (07) event. He says, "I hit a wall at about 16 miles. But I'm glad I was able to finish. "I shouldn't have eaten those tacos for breakfast! I didn't beat Oprah's time, but I challenge her to a rematch." Holland also proved his endurance in 2004 when he completed a 10-day solo flight around the world, surviving on just Doritos and beef jerky.