Review of Brassbound Album by The Ordinary Boys

The Ordinary Boys

The Ordinary Boys - Brassbound - Album Review

The Ordinary Boys - Brassbound - Album Review
The Ordinary Boys


YAY, the Devonshire boys are back - thank goodness! With a new look, a very nice one if I do say so myself! And they have a new drummer - what more could you ask for Ordinary fans!?! I love this new album, “Brassbound”, which is set for release on June 20 th 2005.

Typical Ordinary, the guy’s kick ass with the title track “Brassbound” - filled with great vocals and lead guitar from Preston, wicked drum rolls and James’ back with his slamming bass.

The album has a more ‘ska’ sound to it, featuring Rankin Junior and inspired by the Libertines or maybe Pete Doherty.

This album will also be the first chance for fans to hear recordings featuring new drummer Simon Goldring. And I have to admit that the drumming is so much better - it sounds like they are really making the effort this time round!

I love “Life will be the death of me” and “thanks to the girl” - both songs have a similar sound and deal with similar issues about dating, life and girls. I can definitely imagine these guys having plenty to moan about with all of the female attention!!! Yeah right, bet they love it!

On an island has a ‘celebrity love island’ vibe to it. It’s very happy and is much rockier than there previous outing! It has the fun side to it and may resemble the previous song “ Seaside”. The boys seem to have taken this album a little more seriously. Trying to repeat the success of “over the counter culture”, I think they’ve made a really good job of it!

“Rudi’s in love” is a really nice song; it sounds like something your mum and dad would dance to down at the disco in the 60s! Brilliant!

“Red letter day” is quite a sad song, with the violins and the sadness in Preston’s voice…

The album is definitely one for the summer! I really love it (but not because I’m a fan already – but because I’m professional!). The songs are quite short and sweet but it’s more than enough from these guys. Over the past few years they’ve built up an amazing fan base, so all you fans aren’t going to be disappointed!!!

The boys are going to be playing dates throughout the summer here’s just a few! Leeds Metropolitan University 26 th October

Manchester University 14 th October

Liverpool Carling Academy October 15 th.

Candice Finney