Review of The Longest Time Single by The Overtones

The Story of the Overtones is one that really only exists in movie scripts, the story is an idyllic one, a bunch of painter and decorators were singing for fun during a well earned tea break when a Warner Brothers talent scout just happened to be walking past and signed them up. It really is a genuine rags (literally) to riches story, and one that has a happy ending, as the groups first album Good Ol Fashioned Love reached number four and went platinum. Fair enough.

The Overtones The Longest Time Single

But now they're back with a new single, The Longest Time. With a new set of glossy press photos and a visit from the stylist (they've swapped shiny suits for tweed) they are aiming to recreate the success that was had with their debuts material.

The style is a combination of Doo wop pop with tinges of contemporary production added to the mix, it ticks the boxes of several markets and you can see it being a hit with the strictly come dancing crowd.

All the same, The Longest Time is a sugar sweet cover of an already sickly Billy Joel track that triggered many a diabetic comer first time around. However this shouldn't be held against The Overtones, they have delivered exactly what you knew they would, and exactly what their fan base wants.

Sam Marland

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