Review of Done In Secret Single by The Pigeon Detectives

Having had a string of hit singles from their 2007 record 'Wait For Me', Yorkshire outfit The Pigeon Detectives didn't quite find the same commercial success with following year's 'This Is An Emergency'. Now readying their third album, 'Up, Guards And At 'em!', for release in April, they return with this single and are on tour throughout the UK from the end of March.

The Pigeon Detectives Done In Secret Single

The inability of this quintet's sophomore release to capitalise on their initial popularity certainly wasn't down to any major change of style, with the album remaining listenable if not memorable. Rather than try to re-invent themselves, 'Done In Secret' is typical of the band's output, featuring a nippy guitar riff and chorus that is far from a challenge to grasp. However it is also leaves no lasting impression and indicates the band have made no progress in the time they've been away. Though the converted may be satisfied by it, it won't launch the group back to the heights of mainstream success.

Alex Lai

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