Review of This Is An Emergency Single by The Pigeon Detectives

Read a review for The Pigeon Detectives single This Is An Emergency released on Dance To The Radio.

The Pigeon Detectives This Is An Emergency Single

The Pigeon Detectives dazzled and beguiled music lovers everywhere with their astonishing and truly remarkable debut album "Wait For Me" along with hit singles "I'm Not Sorry", "I Found Out" and "Take Her Back". If there were one band you would have wanted to be in, last year, it would have been the Pigeon Detectives, their popularity was spectacular, their musicality crisp and everything about them seemed appealing.

Now, it comes to their new material, and it's fair to say that it isn't a stone-throw away from where they left off. Their music is essentially the same, it has the same core elements. The same old anthem-esque chorus, wonderful swirling guitar riffs and riveting drums, however what is surprising is that it sounds so refreshing, even as we've probably heard it all before. "This Is An Emergency" is taken from the forthcoming album release "Emergency" and judging by this pre-release then we are certainly in for a treat. Unlike many modern day Indie bands they haven't peeked prematurely. It's a pleasure to see that a band can keep churning out such wonderful material.

Daniel Black

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