Review of Take Her Back Single by The Pigeon Detectives

The Pigeon Detectives
Take Her Back
Single Review

The Pigeon Detectives Take Her Back Single

Exploding unto the scene with 'Romantic Type', 'I'm Not Sorry' and debut smash album 'Wait For Me', Leeds five-piece, The Pigeon Detectives, toss, what would seem to be another hit into the charts.

So what is the key to this bands success? Perseverance? Potential? The music? The Name?; Probably a mixture of the above, actually. 'Take Her Back' is a wonderfully great Indie-Rock scene, with the makings of a summer hit; a catchy chorus, a good drum beat, brilliant lyrics and their own touch of class.

It was clear from the day and hour this band broke that they were going to grow into something huge, 'Take Her Back' is yet even more assurance of that thought. A great track from an even greater band, The Pigeon Detectives are one bandwagon worth jumping on.


Daniel Black

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