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We Are The Pipettes
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The Pipettes We Are The Pipettes Album

The Pipettes sound like a hideous clone of Girls Aloud, attempting to be more subversive and, possibly, even taking the piss out of their own genre, but failing.
Or perhaps I'm just looking into it all too deeply.
The whole album is a drone of bland female voices, all singing the same trite, clichéd lyrics in the same key, with next to no harmonies (which would at least justify there being so many of them).

'We are the Pipettes; we have no regrets' Oh yes.

They occasionally use naughty words like 'bullshit' and this must be what their promotional team are referring to when they describe the band as being 'a knee in pop's groin', and as inventing the 'kind of girl-power The Spice Girls could only dream of'.
There is nothing remotely empowering about any of these songs, in fact I'd say quite the contrary.
The vocals are put to such awful thumping pop backgrounds and lyrics to match that seemingly their last desperate attempt to get you to listen to these songs is to repeat chorus as much as if humanly possible in order to brainwash it into your head. It almost works.

I often felt while listening to this album that it sounded a lot like the band had taken music lessons from the cast of Grease or Rent, and was also never quite sure if they were actually intending the result to be this horrible.
I came to the conclusion that it didn't really matter either way, it is still beyond me how anyone could put themselves through listening to this in its entirety. Unless, of course, you like Girls Aloud, in which case you'll probably love it.

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