Former The Price Is Right model Brandi Cochran has had her $7.7 million jury award for pregnancy discrimination taken away, according to The Hollywood ReporterCochran received the money after a jury ruled in her favor in her lawsuit against Price Is Right management. According to the suit, after Cochran got pregnant, the producers of the show treated her poorly, making comments about her weight gain and removing her from the show’s website. Eventually, all this resulted in Cochran’s firing from The Price Is Right. After the jury was deadlocked a few times, they finally reached a decision and awarded Cochran the money, according to This all happened last year in November.

That would have been the end of it, however, two months later their decision was overruled by the California Supreme Court, on the grounds that the judge did not give the jury members all of the necessary information in the case. According to the court, in order for discrimination laws to apply, Cochran’s pregnancy has to be a significant motivating factor in her firing, which her legal representative did not prove it was. Hence, no discrimination money. If Cochran wants the money, she will have to go through the entire process of a lawsuit all over again.

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