Tripping over when wearing high heels – we’ve all done it. But most of us haven’t fallen over on live television or, in the process, smashed a lightbulb with our butts. Unfortunately for model Amber Lancaster, that’s exactly what happened during Friday’s (23rd October) live episode of The Price Is Right.

Amber LancasterAmber Lancaster photographed in 2011.

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Lancaster, who is a permanent model on The Price is Right, was smiling broadly and clapping along as one of the contestants won big on the show. Standing next to host, Drew Carey, Lancaster suddenly lost her balance and stumbled backwards. As she stumbled, she hit a light bulb on part of the set with her butt and broke it.

The smashing noise distracted the contestant who asked “Did I do that?” Lancaster attempted to hide at the back of the stage, wiping her butt for any broken glass. Fortunately, it was time for an ad break and Carey signed off promising they would “fix that lightbulb.”

Lancaster took the accident relatively well, remaining on stage and laughing. At one point, she can clearly be heard saying: “I’m just going to die of embarrassment.” 

Lancaster later joked about the incident on Twitter, confirming she was in fact responsible for breaking the light bulb. 

‘Yep that's me,’ Amber wrote. ‘Just stumbling around on stage for no reason at all. #soembarrassed’

Lancaster, although claiming she was embarrassed, continued sharing footage and articles about the incident. She’s evidently decided to own it - Good for her!

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