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The Raconteurs
Steady, as she goes
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The Raconteurs Steady Single

For those of you who have not yet heard of The Raconteurs, where the hell have you been!? A new band of old friends they each have successful careers with their own bands and as far as collaborations go this is one of the best.

Jack Lawrence (Bass) & Patrick Keeler (Drums) put their band The Greenhornes to one side to assist old friends Brendan Benson – who needs no introduction (Guitar, vocals, keys) and Jack White (Guitar, vocals, keys) from some band called The White Stripes!

It seems that Jack White appears to have the Midas touch, turning everything he is involved in into a hit. A Raconteur is by definition, a deft storyteller and something tells me we have a lot of stories to hear from these guys.

Debut single "Steady, As She Goes" couldn't be a better way to introduce themselves, written by White and Benson it was this song alone that made them decide to form the band. A radio friendly, rock loving song that you cant help but play on repeat and sing along too.

The song jumps along from lyric to lyric, verse to verse, chorus to chorus, the two contrasting voices of Benson and White sound fantastic against the bouncy beat and hard hitting riffs. This band is a must for any White Stripes, Brendan Benson or infact music fans in general. Now my only discrepancy being that some clever donut at Meanfiddler has decided to put these on at the same time as Muse at this years Reading Festival!!!! Who to see who to see...answers on a postcard.


Adam Prickett

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