Review of Broken Boy Soldier Single by The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs
Broken Boy Soldier
Single Review

The Raconteurs Broken Boy Soldier Single

With their debut record just being denied an entry at the top of the charts upon its release back in May, it is clear to see that The Raconteurs is more than just a side project for its best-known members, Jack White and Brendan Benson.

The third single on these shores is also the title track of the band’s album and begins in moody fashion with a heavy rhythm section. With a hint of folk styling, it plods along passively and is extremely far removed from the infectious “Steady, As She Goes”. The bursts of guitar and piano don’t provide enough excitement, and while certainly not terrible, even repeat listens fail to see it grow in stature. The b-side “Yellow Sun” is also largely forgettable.

Dom Gourlay

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