Review of New Situation Single by The Rise

The Rise
New Situation

The Rise New Situation Single

Initially conceived by teammates of a Sunday league football team toward the end of 2004, The Rise formed with the ambition of creating the old-school indie music that somehow seemed to vanish with the hype then demise of Britpop. Playing at local venues around Leeds, this first release was produced by the band and Carl Rosamond – who has previously work with Britpop revivalists The Kaiser Chiefs.

"New Situation" opens on a hypnotic electric riff and is crammed with attitude thanks to the aggressive lyrics and dense vocals of Andy Dixon. It appears directionless and lacks a strong hook or chorus, but unexpectedly picks up mid-way through with some shimmering guitar lines. Despite some uninspiring lyrics "Easy Rider" is a slice of decent groove-rock, with a pounding bass line complimented by some funky guitar playing, while "Stand Up Straight" is as forceful as the title track but with immediate impact. Across the songs Jon Wormald shows an ability to create guitar melodies that are infectious and border on the psychedelic sound that worked so well for The Stone Roses and Oasis (before they lost their heads to fame). Though rough around the edges, it could be worth keeping an eye out for this quartet.

Alex Lai