Review of Black and White Films Single by The Rosie Taylor Project

The Rosie Taylor Project
Black and White Films
Single Review

The Rosie Taylor Project Black and White Films Single

The Rosie Taylor Project's debut single 'Black and White Films' is slightly uncertain, borders on the twee at times, yet has the ability to imbue the listener with a warm sparkle after several listens. The opening delicately strummed guitar and countrified vocals does conjure images of bespeckled, pastel-clad chaps sitting mirthlessly together, but the introduction of passages of trumpet parping away triumphantly puts paid to all that. Sophie Barnes is the trumpeter and joint-vocalist in question, with the vocals shared by guitarist Jonny Davies which lends the song a more intimate feel. It's the sort of sound that the half-listening or dismissive may label as 'Nu-Acoustic', yet the quintets sound lies more towards the more downbeat yet melodic approach of The red House Painters or Bonnie Prince Billie.

Having already shared stages with established Acts such as Midlake and Camera Obscura, the icing on the finger is provided by their position on local Leeds label Bad Sneakers. Although unlikely to convert die-hard ney-sayers of delicate acoustic music, the single contains enough charm and pizzazz to arouse further interest in their gigging movements and recorded output.

Nick Kearns

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