Review of Motorcycle Single by The Rumble Strips

The Rumble Strips
Single Review

The Rumble Strips Motorcycle Single

Ska really isn't to my taste but when it comes to The Rumble Strips there's just something so appealing about the trumpet meets rock band that makes me succumb to their powerful musical influence. They are an interesting, singular band originally from Tavistock but success-born out of London. Their music is indisputably highly original and equally incredible.

'Motorcycle' is one of their superlative songs. It's vintage, it's expressive, it's energetic and it's so damn good. They are so very consistent and practically flawless musicians of the highest quality. I wish I knew how they do it but I probably have more chance of finding out how they put the figs in Fig Rolls.fat chance. Either way, it's a fine example of yet another fabulous band from Britain, although I don't think you'll find many as diverse and as original as the Rumble Strips. Big Thumbs Up!


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