Consistency is a rare thing in the music industry, but it's a thing of beauty when it occurs. For pop band The Script, the Irish trio have released three albums that have been nothing but great - and they're looking to continue that streak with their fourth record out next month.

The Script LiveThe Script released their brand new single, 'Superheroes'

The Script have been touring across the country with OneRepublic and American Authors since June and they'll be doing so until November. It may sound tiring, but the guys are pretty used to it. Last year, The Script went on a world tour to support their album, 3 - but they did more than just support the record. In fact, The Script's upcoming album out September 12, No Sound Without Silence, was primarily recorded in their tour bus during their routing. “We’d come off stage and start recording straight away in a studio bus," frontman Danny O'Donoghue told the Daily Star. It's an unconventional strategy, but definitely not unheard of. The Rolling Stones owned their own mobile recording studio that they'd lend to artists, and it ended up leading to albums from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac. What made The Script decide to go mobile with this record? "Everything’s massive, everything’s larger than life on stage so when we hit the studio we wanted it to have that same impact," he said.

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It makes sense. Coming off stage after a show in a giant venue must have the adrenaline pumping, so why not go record new music right afterwards? Judging from the first single from No Sound Without Silence, O'Donoghue is pretty spot on with his hopes to make the songs larger than life. The track, 'Superheroes,' is easily one of the best singles from The Script yet and it shouldn't have a problem giving them another hit. It's epic and its got a ton of personality - everything that pop radio always needs.

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