The Script LiveNo Sound Without Silence is going to be released on September 12

So, what should we expect from No Sound Without Silence when it hits stores next month? For what it's worth, 'Superheroes' was the first song that was written for the record, so if any of the rest of the ten tracks follow in those footsteps then we'll be in for some pretty great tunes. Aside from 'Superheroes,' the band contributed a new track to the movie Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie entitled 'Hail Rain Or Sunshine,' and it'll still be included on the album's final track listing. Also, if you pre-order the record on iTunes, you will also get the bonus track, 'Howl at the Moon.' For anyone confused about what the heck the album title means, it actually has a pretty good message.

"There is no sound without silence. You can't have anything good to say if you don't think about it first," O'Donoghue said. "It's like a prequel to the first album, like the album that should have come out before the very first Script album." You might also be aware of O'Donoghue's serving as a coach for the UK version of 'The Voice' - but he left shortly after the second season to focus more on the album. “To go back to being a band and doing what we do best was important," he said about it. Seems like The Script are going to be giving it their all on this record, and it's already looking like No Sound Without Silence is going to be the band's loudest material to date.