"The things people do to meet a band, eh?" joked The Script's Mark Sheehan, shortly after the band heroically rescued a woman from a car crash. As The Script sat comfortably in their tour bus, driving M40 in England, they were suddenly shaken up by their driver as a dramatic car crash took place on the motor way before them. 

The Script in Dublin Ireland, on Friday 12th September 2014
The Script were unable to open the car door, at first

The band were reportedly traveling from London to a gig in Manchester when 18-year-old Hayley Cockman lost control of her vehicle and crashed into the motorway's central reservation. They frantically called the emergency services as the car came spinning to a halt near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, at 11:15 am on 4th December, 2014. 

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While appearing on Key103 Christmas Live show on the same day, the band discussed the incident, revealing how they had to cautiously make their way across the busy motorway to the crashed car, and rescue the woman trapped inside. The car was so badly damaged in the crash, that the band's singer, Danny O'Donoghue, was unable to open the door to help her out. When lead guitarist, Mark Sheehan, announced that there was smoke coming from the engine, O'Donoghue confessed: "You're never going to move somebody from an accident but if there's smoke coming from the engine then you want to get them out as quick as possible."

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After sitting with the girl for a little while by the side of the road, The Script took her back to their tour bus to help her warm up and get over the shock. It was at this point that that Cockman, who is reportedly a fan of the band, cottoned on to who they were and just how amazing the incident had become. On a lighter note, Sheenhan commented that: "As she was leaving, the ambulance man shouted back: 'Listen, she wants to know - could she have a picture?' I was like 'You're okay, then!'"